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Sally Hilton

I live in London and work as a waitress. I love my job (except the part involving customers) but a while ago I started to worry that I'd been a waitress so long it might be my calling. Just in case it wasn't, I started writing in the hope that writing could become my job one day, and save me from working in an office (ever) or being a waitress (forever).

Sally HiltonSo far I'm still a waitress but I've been runner up in a couple of national story competitions and Conversley is the site of my first publication.

The kind of man I go for is generally the unavailable kind. Other than that I'm flexible.

Likes: My friends.

Dislikes: Writing profiles about myself.

You can reach me at this address.

Sally Hilton's writing on Conversely

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Sometimes Ricky wants to evaporate. This morning, and a lot of mornings lately, he wakes up and something isnít right. Date: 11/15/04

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