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Tony O'Brien

I grew up in Dunedin, New Zealand, which is about as far south in the world as you can go and still be in contact with something that passes for civilisation. I grew up in a house looking over the Pacific, but first you had to look over a cemetery, then a golf course.

In New Zealand we have a continuing debate about whether we should write 'New Zealand fiction' or just fiction. I just write fiction. Sometimes it is recognizably New Zealand, sometimes not.

I like a diverse range of writers. I like Carver, and I love the magical realism of Jorges Luis Borges. I like Kafka and Nabokov. I dream of writing a great short story some time. I like the novels of Carson McCullers.

I've been fortunate enough to have a few stories published, both in heard copy and electronic format.

I work as a mental health nurse, and I teach mental health nursing. I'm studying for a PhD in mental health law.

Some links are:

The new geometry for girls. Finalist in the story South Million Writers Award for Fiction. Voted one of the Notable Online Short Stories of 2003.

Grafton Bridge.

To Live and Work.

The Right Time for Everyone.

The day I read Ulysses.

You can reach Tony O'Brien at this address.

Tony O'Brien's writing on Conversely

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Cruel Love
Mrs. Herrmans touched my hand. I made an excuse about meeting someone, then pulled on my jacket. Date: 11/15/04

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