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Heather Panico

Albany, New York; the slowest paced city north of the Mason-Dixon line and home to countless students, drone-like state workers, and some of the most creative vagrants in the world. Here, I live in a renovated downtown hotel overlooking the beautiful and expansive Washington Park, in an apartment overlooking a dumpster, with my best friend and a one-eyed, coffee drinking tiger cat who can't open doors. I am married to my friend, and we are both slaves to the cat.

A freelance web designer by day, frustrated writer by night (or very early morning if you want to get technical about it,) I studied creative writing at Bradford College in Bradford, Heather PanicoMassachusetts before the tiny, noble, 197 year old institution was forced to close due to maddeningly dubious financial woes... A single semester before I could graduate. My short fiction, essays and poetry have appeared in The Timber Creek Review, MetroDay.com, and MidnightEdition.com's recent anthology, Muse Whispers; volume 1. I have one completed novel behind me, which has yet to be picked up by a non-fraudulent publisher, and a second in periodically halting progress.

I expend far too much energy idly plotting revenge on people who offend me (ignoramuses, loud chewers, drama queens, ex boyfriends, to categorize a few,) only to eventually realize that if I actually carried out these missions I'd be just as offensive as those against whom I seek vengeance. I'm not entirely sure what this says about me.

I grew up in rural Maine and the greater Boston area.

My favorite color is grey. That's right; grey.

You can reach me (or a virtual me, anyway) through my web site, or at heather@panico.net.

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In the Details
Come as you are; go as you will. Or at least that's what Heather thought. Date: 09/1/03

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