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Susan Hodara

MMy days are filled with all the pieces of who I am: wife, mother of two teenage daughters, primary tender of our home; freelance writer and editor; writing instructor; and all the rest that nurtures me. I go to yoga, walk in the early mornings, steal naps when I can. I create order from chaos, space from clutter, and then I write.

Susan HodaraSince becoming a mother, I have written short pieces about my life. For the past four years, I have been a member of a weekly memoir writing workshop near my home in Westchester County, New York, where I am honing my abilities to translate memory and experience into words. My personal work has been published in Salon, witnesstowar.org, the anthology Surviving Ophelia (Perseus, 2001), and the upcoming anthology, My Heartís First Steps (Adams Media, 2003). I treasure the time I give myself to write, when I puzzle out just what it is Iím aiming to say and exactly which combinations of words will say it.

As a freelancer, I have written for publications including The New York Times (search archives for 'hodara'), Communication Arts, Westchester Wag (search archives for 'hodara'), Parents, Ourselves, Daughters, Westchester County Times, Westchester Magazine, and others. I serve as Consulting Editor for Westchester Parent, and was Editor-in-Chief of its sister publication, Manhattan-based Big Apple Parent, where I received a Best Editorial award from Parenting Publications of America for my monthly column. I love delving into whatever topic is my latest assignment, and then deciding how best to present it to readers (although I bemoan the typically minimal compensation).

I am currently working on a collection of memoirs exploring my feelings toward my husband and our life together as we approach our 20th anniversary.

I can be reached at hodara@earthlink.net.

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Good Lovin'
Grainy sand and sticky lemonade, shuffleboard, hotdogs and French fries, the lifeguard-and his quiet kid brother. Date: 09/1/03

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