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Aviva Luria

I don't buy the romantic concept of One True Love, that once each of us finds the right partner we'll live happily ever after. With the world population heading toward six and a half billion, what's the likelihood that the cute guy/gal in your marine biology class is "the one"? I have a feeling it'd take a heck of a lot more hunting than that, and with my luck, my O.T.L. would live in a place I'm unlikely to see in my lifetime, like Kazakhstan or Papua New Guinea.

Aviva LuriaWhich is not to say I lack romantic tendencies. Au contraire. I simply believe there are endless possibilities as far as relationships and love are concerned. Nor am I against monogamy. But I believe that ought to be a choice two adults make because it works for them.

These are but a few of my radical notions about relationships. And this from a woman who's been married for nearly eight years. To the same man.

I was born and raised in a rather dull suburb of New York City. I've tried to make up for it by living in London, San Francisco, Berkeley, and the Boston area, among other places. Currently I live in southwestern Ontario with my physicist husband, Matt, and our baby substitute, a dog of the pug persuasion. We also have a cat, but she is not a baby substitute.

My writing's appeared in such publications as The National Post, The Times Magazine (U.K.), the Christian Science Monitor, the San Francisco Examiner and literary journals such as Grain Magazine, The Mississippi Review, fourteen hills (the sfsu review) and Kalliope. Work is forthcoming in Canadian Living. I'm working on a short documentary for CBC radio as well as the fourth draft of my first screenplay.

Aside from writing, I enjoy yoga, hiking and traveling (when there's money). I read constantly and have little patience for poor writing. I love music and when in public must sometimes suppress my desire to sing out loud. I am right now enamored with Canadian singers Rufus Wainwright, Sarah Harmer, Shannon Lyon and Mike Alviano.

I have an ambivalent relationship with humanity, and often prefer the company of dogs. My closest friend, however, is very human… That would be Matt, my physicist husband, who is as close to my O.T.L. as my theories allow.

You can contact Aviva Luria at luria2003@yahoo.ca.

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A Car Called Harold
There wasn't much to Harold. He ran—that's about the best thing you could say about him. Date: 06/1/03

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