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Sarah Arellano

I am a crazy thing unto myself. Too young to be a part of the generation lost in space, too old to claim generation next, I wander around seasonless Southern California, a bit surprised at how the years go past. I'm twenty-five, unemployable as Anne Lamott and determined as Chuck Palahniuk. I have a love/hate relationship with the Microsoft Word paper clip. Working at home means that the clip and my cat are all I talk to most of the time.

Carlo Arellano, a genius in art and otherwise, is my hero and husband. We have a way-too-happy, childish kind of marriage, which no one believes because my writing is all about sexual power struggles.

I often write at the Gypsy Den, a café that employs beautiful, natural waitresses just brimming with personalities that Sarah ArellanoI want to incorporate into my writing. They also play great music. They serve all my food vices: cheesy breakfasts, colorful fruit bowls, organic lattes, crème brulees and brownies.

Other than at Conversely, you can read my work at Wordriot and Haypenny. I caught a pretty big break recently, escaping Playboy's slush pile, and the fiction in their March, 2003 issue is mine. I am revising my first novel and writing another.

I think I write because I'm antisocial and lazy.

My non-writing life is rich and fun. I go to (but do not participate in) poetry readings. I kickbox. I play video games. I watch the Microsoft Word paper clip turn into a kind of atom and spin around when he's bored.

Okay, maybe my non-writing life isn't so rich.

You can reach Sarah at c705@earthlink.net.

Sarah Arellano's writing on Conversely

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Today I'll burn his picture. I'll move on, move on, move on. Date: 09/1/03

He appeared at my door, unannounced. Our mouths together tasted like the surface of a bar. Date: 03/1/03

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