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My mother was a computer programmer and my father is a civil engineer. Together, these two linear-minded scientific types produced a writer and a musician. I believe this is proof of a Great Cosmic Joke.

Liz ScottI took a couple of creative writing classes in college, but politics within the university creative writing program discouraged me. I changed my focus to medieval literature and got my English Lit degree. Once I graduated, I forgot about writing for fun as I focused on making enough money to pay my Silicon Valley rent. After six years as a desktop publisher/technical writer/web designer, I realized something about myself. Hot, new, bleeding-edge silicon-based technology bores me senseless. Also, I never again want to begin a writing project with the sentence "Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive."

When I accepted the offer for my current "soulless tech writing gig" I promised myself I would start submitting my creative writing to publishers. So I have. Two of my one-act plays have been produced by an amateur theater group, and I'll have an article published in I Love Cats magazine later this year.

One of the biggest reasons I've made the jump back into creative writing has been the unwavering, to the point of belligerent, support of my husband. He feels there is no reason not to pursue any dream at any time, and quickly loses patience with hemming and hawing and the words "I can't". We have a happy, unusual marriage, and he amicably puts up with my intellectual fascination with interpersonal relationships, including our own.

You can reach Liz at fighterchick@hotmail.com.

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MWF: ISO Soul Mate
Looking for the one-and-only? Liz puts in a couple of words about the preposterous idea of a soulmate. Date: 11/1/02

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