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Nanette Rayman

I am a writer and an actress and my dream is to study and work in London. I would love to be like Judy Dench and to play Lady MacBeth and other comparable roles.

I started writing about a year ago when a lot of the theatre jobs disintegrated in New York. My poetry publications include Pedestal, Three Candles, Concrete Wolf, Artemis Journal, Words on a Wire, The American Muse, Disquieting Muses, Stirring, Stirring's Steamiest Six, FluidInk, Small Spiral Notebook, Comrades, UNO Anthology - Xlibris (Random House), Dakota House Journal, Tyro's Pen, PoetryMagazine, Poetry Motel, Poetry SuperHighway, NetAuthor's E2k, Circle, Wired Arts for Wired Hearts, Octavo, The Doomed City Journal, 5 Trope and Millennium Papers. Upcoming are Snow Monkey, The Worcester Review, Pinball and Inkburns. My fiction credits include The Berkeley Fiction Review, Comrades, Attic and Carve. I also received an Honorable Mention in the 2000 Writer's Digest Fiction Contest.

I would like to marry someone like Jeremy Irons or Jeremy Irons.

You can reach Nanette at nanetterayman@yahoo.com.

Nanette Rayman's writing on Conversely

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Cowboy Lips
He was surely not from Manhattan. But cowboys, Nanette Rayman finds out, are just men after all. Date: 11/1/02

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