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Mark Budman

I Mark Budmanwas born in Moldova, not far from the Dracula's birthplace but now live in the place that few people know about -- Upstate New York. I have become a writer at the age of this picture. Well, maybe a few days later.... I spend my day writing short stories, working on my novel-in-progress "Seven Pillows" and taking care of my chubby-cheeked kitty Mura. I also publish a magazine of very short fiction (flash), Vestal Review. I have been published widely -- from literary magazines such as Virginia Quarterly and Mississippi Review to science fiction magazines such as Talebones and Would It Be There. You can address the fan mail to writer@stny.rr.com and submissions (of the literary kind) to Vestal Review to editor@stny.rr.com.

Mark Budman's writing on Conversely

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My Left Foot
What would you do for love? The missing shoe, the ugly roommate, the stroke of midnight. Date: 11/1/02

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