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CE Piper

Some famous quotes about me:

"You snot-nosed little brat."
"You don't really think you're good at that?"
"I can't imagine marrying anybody else: goodbye."
"You are so retarded at relationships."

My reply to all of them: "Phtthhhhh!"

CE PiperFamous quotes that I care to remember:

"I do."
"You're my best friend."
"I love you, daddy."
"Nobody's made a bigger difference in my life."

My reply to all of them: "Thank you."

In general, I teach, I backpack, I remember, I athleticize, I laugh, I speak, and I write, but the most important thing I do everyday: I listen. People are interesting, but I love to listen to nature most of all. The wind sometimes gets very angry; the creek always has something to say; the ocean always makes me wonder; the willows are so patiently sad; and the oaks are unceasingly wise. But most importantly, I love the creator of it all.

I weep upon the burdens of tomorrow; sleep amidst the sorrows of yesterday; work among the quandaries of today. But ain't it fun!

God Bless,



"By the Lord, this love is as mad as Ajax: it kills sheep: it kills me, I a sheep…I will not love: if I do, hang me; i' faith, I will not. O! but her eye,—" Love's Labours Lost Act IV, Scene III

You can reach CE at c3piper@msn.com.

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The Perfect Is There
Bittersweet eulogy. Some chess masters sacrifice their queens early on—that strategy is beyond me. Date: 11/1/02

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