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Bob Thurber

Bob Thurber, 47, grew up in Rhode Island and now lives a charmed life in Southeastern Massachusetts where he works full time at writing and part-time at not much else.

Bob ThurberThroughout his life he has failed at numerous relationships either due to self-consciousness, self-righteousness, or a pulsating pain running from head to neck and straight down his spine, generally caused by an ice cold dose of reality ingested too quickly through a Silly Sipper Straw.

Although his acclaimed short fictions have been published all over the Web and are showing up increasingly more often in print magazines (He was a finalist for Glimmer Train's 2002 Very Short Fiction Award.) he is astonished when anyone for any reason remembers him from having met him some other time, some other place. Real, or not.

He may be contacted at bobthurber@yahoo.com, or through his website.

Bob Thurber's writing on Conversely

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The Dentist in Zaire
Heartsick in deep darkest Africa, I sat waiting for the cows to come home, for the world to stop spinning, so I could get the hell off. Date: 08/1/02

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