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Just next to the windows of my study runs a power line, which bobs and sways occasionally with the furtive missions of squirrels. Thereís no other view but the mottled brick of the building adjacent. Iím glad; the squirrels are distracting enough. I lapse too easily from writing into contemplating their wide-eyed, darting urgency.

E. A. BagbyI started writing and acting when I was too young to know the odds against succeeding at either activity. Even now I donít quite believe the odds, or I assume theyíre for other people, or else my definition of success has evolved—in any case, Iím still a writer, still an actor. Some three years ago I moved to Chicago for its marvelous, warm, creative theater community. Since then Iíve noticed a disproportionate amount of snow and ice creeping into my fiction and screenplays. I completed a novel last year and, in putting off revision of that manuscript, have nearly finished a second.

These days I write and perform sketch comedy with Spinkleteen. Also in the troupe: Adam, the unwritten epilogue to 'Self-Portrait in Discards'—such a happy ending that heíd sound phony on a Hollywood scale if Iíd included him.

You can reach me at lizbagby@hotmail.com.

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Self-Portrait in Discards
Love as trash: flotsam, jetsam, scum. Sifting through scraps of food, old flames, and the remains of a lingering crush. Date: 05/1/02

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