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Crawling out of bed at 10am to sit before my computer monitor in pajamas, disheveled mane, gritty eyes and thick socks with tread on the bottom reminds me why I decided to forego tons of continuing education credits and underfunded social service programs to start an online music magazine with two of my closest friends. The Master's degree in Counseling or the title of Program Director never allowed me the freedom to walk my two greyhounds while having a business conversation, conduct a partners meeting over margaritas, and chips and salsa, or most recently, to sport a small gold hoop in my right eyebrow.

CristyI have a penchant for books, bands and bikes (but only Harley's) and my list of favorites includes Monet, Maya Angelou, To Kill a Mockingbird, Stephen King, the color red, the smell of leather, and clean sheets. I often invest more time in locating the right mood music for inspiring my muse than actually composing, and I've been told my affection can be won with a deadly combination of intelligent wit, Long Island Iced Teas, crab legs, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and a long foot rub. To be entertained beyond your wildest imaginings, and discover how I spend most of my waking moments, go to Score! Music Magazine. My partners and I thank you!

You can reach Cristy at Cristy@ScoreRocks.com.

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Two can be better than one. Only occasionally do I complain about the complications, this division of my affection. Date: 03/1/02

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