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Ramona Barckert

I am going to write because I cannot help it."

Charlotte Brontė

Writing is one of the two things in the world that makes sense to me. I have been writing since I was in the fifth grade, when a simple class assignment to create a 500-word mystery story became the sole focus of an entire weekend. I have yet to stop; that 500-word mystery story has turned into short stories and screenplays and that singular weekend has turned into endless hours and many years.

Other short stories of mine have appeared online at Hinterland and Moondance. More information about my past and future projects can be found at my web page.

And the second thing in the world that makes sense to me? My relationship with my husband. But don't tell him that.

You can reach Ramona Barckert at ramonabarckert@pop.netzero.net.

Ramona Barckert's writing on Conversely

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Cynthia left him for a movie star. He'd vowed never to refuse her, but how much bounce did he have left in him?  Date: 02/1/02

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