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Jerry Mansfield

I was a life-long Tennessean who, three years ago, moved to Southern California in search of fame, riches, and true love. Now living in Sherman Oaks with my wife, Melody, I'm not too disappointed to say that the first two have escaped me so far. Most of my time in Tennessee was spent being with the wrong women, so I think I know a bit about relationships (but not about women; any man who says he knows women is either trying to get laid or just a plain fool). At age thirty, I started my college career, ultimately earning the M.F.A. that allows me to teach English and Creative Writing at area colleges. Thanks for giving my story a home.

As far as ideal dates, most romantic places, etc, I'd build on the immortal words of David Lee Roth. An ideal date is being with someone beautiful, intelligent, and giving (not to mention sexually greedy). She'd drink with you until the wee hours, laugh with you, share with you, make great love with you. Then at 5 AM, she'd magically transform into a large pepperoni pizza.

You can reach Jerry Mansfield at jaymans@ez2.net.

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Distilled Spirits
You look and you look. You wonder what you're looking for, then you realize you ain't going to find it.  Date: 11/01/01

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