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Stephen J. Lyons has been employed in nine different states as a tree planter, daffodil picker, dude ranch cook, ice cream vendor, magazine editor, phone solicitor, newspaper reporter, professional tofu maker, grain truck driver, assistant dairy herdsman, and Stephen Lyonsagricultural extension editor. He once worked for a week in Colorado pulling nails out of two-by-fours and for one twelve-hour day picking hops in southern Oregon. He was fired from the hops job after accusing the foreman of having bad karma. He was also fired from the phone solicitor job when he was overheard telling prospective customers that the deal (a lifetime of magazine subscriptions at creative interest rates) was a scam. Lyons still dreams of joining the Professional Bull Riders Association. His critics wish he would.

He is a product of the Chicago public school system, and attended both Ft. Lewis College and the University of Idaho, where he earned a degree in journalism.

Book CoverLyons is the author of Landscape of the Heart, Writings on Daughters and Journeys, published by Washington State University Press in 1996. Author Terry Tempest Williams wrote, in her comments about Landscape of the Heart, "Stephen J. Lyons has offered us his grace and compassion through Landscape of the Heart. These essays are the deliberations of a sensitive, intuitive mind, a mind not afraid of exploring regions of the heart, so often side-stepped by men. Through his observations we are challenged and inspired to look more deeply at the world around us. Mr Lyons's prose reads like poetry and the effect of a lingering memory of love."

Lyons is a well-published writer with hundreds of bylines in national publications that include Newsweek, Sierra, Salon, Audubon, E Magazine, Denver Post, Witness, Adbusters, Northern Lights, Utne Reader, Commonweal, Manoa, High Country News, The Sun, Funny Times and Troika. He regularly review books for Hope, New Age and BookPage.

His poetry appears in the anthologies Idaho's Poetry (University of Idaho Press), Passionate Hearts (New World Library), Bless the Day (Kodansha Press and appears in Split Verse, (Midmarch Arts Press). Fulcrum Press published work by Lyons in an anthology of essays and commentaries from High Country News (Living in the Runaway West). University of Georgia Press will publish an essay of Lyons's in a forthcoming anthology of writing by fathers about children and nature.

Stephen Lyons is a lively reader and teacher, and is available for book signings, readings, and writing workshops. For submission requests, or to schedule a reading or workshop in your area, please contact Stephen by email to make arrangements. Lyons's website. You can contact Stephen at sjlyons@hotmail.com.

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Blowing It in Idaho
It's wine hour at the Hotel McCall. Stephen reflects on changing seasons, flying cast-iron skillets, and how rare second chances can be. Date: 09/01/01

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