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Robert Pesa

My early relationships were like my checking account: every year or so I'd screw one up so far beyond reckoning I'd have to close it out and start a new one. In those days, I took solace in the fact that my home electronics were always up to date. The disgruntled mate would generally move out with our accumulated stereo, television, and computer equipment, which I would promptly replace once the next soon-to-be-disgruntled mate moved in.

Robert PesaThen I met my lovely wife, who has managed to remain gruntled for several years, and provides much-needed balance in my life (as well as my checkbook). We enjoy quiet evenings, watching movies on Betamax and playing Pac-Man on my 486 computer.

I enjoy writing about relationships - the joy, the tenderness, the unbridled passion. Then all the bad stuff that happens after the first date is over.

You see, I believe what sets us apart from the apes is the depth of our relationships. That, and the fact that it is considered unacceptable to throw our own feces at each other, except on certain talk shows.

My web site is difficult to access over my 2400 baud modem, but you can reach me at rpesa@prominencegroup.com.

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Fancy, chic, high-tech compatibility. Some people will try anything to find their perfect match. Date: 09/01/01

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