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Carolyn Steel Agosta

I started writing three and a half years ago. Before that, I was perfectly normal.

The whole creative process is fascinating to me and I feel lucky to be able to spend my days writing, drinking café mocha, and working in my jammies. It's pretty much right up there with sex as a favorite pasttime.

In addition to one novel finished and another under way, I've had several short stories published in regional and online litmags, including Independence Boulevard, City Primeval, Lonzie's Fried Chicken, HotRead, Inscriptions, and Eclectica.

When I'm not writing, reading, or running an unpaid chauffeuring service, I like to sing along to the radio and pretend that I'm a rock star. I have an extremely rich fantasy life.

Recently I won a writing contest at BBC Radio and a story of mine was broadcast on-air on Radio 4.

If you like to chat about writing, email me at cagosta@steelerubber.com, or visit my website.

PS. My muse is a sexy guy in a white t-shirt and snug blue jeans. When he's here, I can't think about anything else, and when he's gone, life is bleak and dull.

Carolyn Steele Agosta's writing on Conversely

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After the Wink
After forty, cheating is about visibility. To be seen for who you are and not for the person everyone thinks you are.  Date: 07/1/01

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