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Karin Beuerlein

My life is all covered up in words. I can't get away from them. When I took typing as a junior in high school, I found myself perpetually tapping out my thoughts and conversations on an imaginary keyboard. That got really irritating, and it's pretty much the same with words: they chatter in my ears all day long like little monkeys. I stalk funny-looking people in the grocery store so as to fit them into stories without their permission. I misplace a sock in the laundry room and start composing angsty odes about loss. Every mundane detail of my life is on file for later use. I used to think this made me special; now I see it just makes me a writer, of which there are way too many in the world.

I write full-time now, so I can't include it on my list of hobbies anymore. I'm glad, because it seemed kind of flaky. Other things I like include college sports, playing the piano, cooking, and raising Tennessee Walking Horses. I also have the best dog in the world.

I won first place in this year's Feminist Writers Contest sponsored by a Chicago branch of the National Organization for Women, and took second prize in the Writer's Digest Short Short Story Contest. My fiction and essays have appeared in the Savannah Literary Journal, Passionfruit: A Women's Travel Journal, and Writer Online. You can reach me at kbeuerlein@yahoo.com.

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Beginner's Lesson
Learning to ski with her expert boyfriend, Karin gets wedged between the dynamics of attraction and compassion. Date: 06/1/01

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