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Carol Church

I've been writing creatively for years, but only recently have I started trying to get published. I seem to receive more than my share of friendly, positive, personalized rejection slips. However, I recently had a humor piece up at Hissyfit and I have several poems online in the current issues of Red River Review and Green Tricycle Review. I also host a website on vegetarian living.

Carol ChurchI'm one of those hip, independent, futuristic-sounding telecommuters everyone thinks they want to be. Most of my work consists of editing, research, and writing for medical and pharmaceutical web sites. For a while, I wrote questions for a "fun" online doctor's trivia game. Ask me sometime about tropical eye parasites.

I live in an apartment in a big, old, romantically down-at-the-heels house in Gainesville, FL, with my corn snake, Edgar, my cat, Butternut, and my fiance, who wants it to be known that his name is not "Stephen." We will be married in March, 2002.

You can contact Carol Church at Loraxc@aol.com.

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I should have seen this coming. You don't realize when you're teasing him that later it might come back and bite you. Date: 06/1/01

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