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Malerie Yolen-Cohen

My 10 year old son and his friend are noisily blowing up an air mattress within the cocoon of a newly made indoor fort in the room next to mine. Upstairs, the TV, set at "deafening", is entertaining my 8 year old. This is my writing life. I do it in and around the cacophony that envelops me daily.

Up until two years ago, I pursued a career much more suited to this earsplitting lifestyle. Stockbroking. But I always loved writing - or so I told myself. When I turned forty - all the excuses I gave to others about why I wasn't writing started to ring hollow. So I sent out a batch of query letters and was published within the month. Beginners luck, I guess. It took another half year for a second editor to give me the green light.

I haven't looked back since. I retired from the boisterous life of an investment saleswoman - and write when I can "hear myself think". Which is of course when the kids are in school.

Malerie Yolen-CohenWriting for Conversely is a departure for me. My forte is reporting, travel writing, roundup pieces. I contribute to several regional magazines on a monthly basis (with my name on mastheads as "contributing writer") - and assignments range from mundane to outright adventurous. Which is how I envisioned my fantasy life. Only now, I'm starting to live it.

I've been married for 18 years to a man who has never read a book through to the end. He and I are the poster couple for "opposites attract". I'm sure I will be mining my marriage for future stories. There's a lot to be said about the guy who considers a trip to Home Depot his "creative outlet".

You can find me at the major and lesser museums in New York City. Or on the ski slopes in Vermont. Oh, and on a Cigarrette Boat on Long Island Sound in the summer. Just don't look for me at Home Depot. That's where I send my boys when I want to hear myself think.

Malerie can be reached at GapCohen@aol.com.

Malerie Yolen-Cohen's writing on Conversely

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Coming of Age
Losing control over a man she hasn't seen in twenty years, she feels like a forty-three-year-old woman in heat. Date: 04/1/01

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