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Victor Paul Borg

When I am not seeking love (and I mean love in the broadest sense of definition), I am pained by it - or worrying about it - or analysing the nature of loving emotions - or observing people's courtship gestures. You guessed it, love fills the vista of my life - and although I have shared moments with fifty lovers in the past 13 years, I still find myself whisked into a purple heaven each time I meet someone I like. But I suspect that I like to roll with the ups and downs of love because thatís the condition that makes me feel emotionally alive. Love is an adventure, and its fallout the consequence of throwing oneself towards oneís dreams: either way, there is a story, and a ride. When I raise my hand and it is shaking, a triumphant smile flows to my face.

Now in singlehood for the past year, my life can be summed up with two words: working, partying. When I am not writing, I am out having fun - art galleries, walking, clubbing, and just hanging out, and I happen to live in a city (London) where the opportunities to go out are endless. I like to entertain myself too; my reality is drunk with imagination. That might explain why I am a true wanderer, why I like to go out alone so I could meet new people, why I have followed lovers across the globe, why the compass of my life is directed by emotional whims, why I have no idea where I will be in a yearís time. Itís all fodder for my writing, I tell myself, this mad, flipping world where my realities change overnight, where plans are as lasting as dreams.

As a writer, I write mostly travel: I write books for the Rough Guides, am writing a literary travel book, and I have a weekly libertarian column in the Maltese newspaper Malta Today. I have been trying to write about relationships with limited success - I say trying because, with a subject that rocks my heart so much, I canít help writing from the pit of my situation. On the other hand, you can look at any given situation from several perspectives, and to that end I would say, My writing comes from the heart; itís I, but itís not me, itís just one reality out of many.

You can contact Victor Borg at victor@borg.tf.

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