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Jeff Stimpson

Jeff Stimpson lives in New York City with his (now) wife Jill, their 2-year-old son Alex, and newborn son Edwin.

Jeff StimpsonStimpson freelanced for the community press in New York during the Wall Street-crazed 80s, which warped his view on money even more than being a poor college student in the Hamptons.

He then worked as a galley slave for a Gannett daily newspaper in Ithaca, N.Y., for two years, followed by 3 years with a suburban weekly chain outside Baltimore.

He currently works for a business magazine in New York. They have been kind to him. He's also writing three essays a week for his site, modestly called "JeffsLife."

You can contact Jeff Stimpson at jeff@jeffslife.net.

Jeff Stimpson's writing on Conversely

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What I Mean By That
Before, he never had much to do with food. But ever since he married Jill, Jeff has learned a thing or two.  Date: 02/1/01

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