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C.B. Mosher

I.B. Mosher has lived in South America, New York City, the midwest, Los Angeles, Georgia, and the Sierra Nevada mountains. In high school, he detested History.

As life has progressed, his memory banks have become haunted by the hissing of jungle rain, the thick smell of summer Jasmine, the taste of L.A. smog, the sparkling lights of Gotham reflected in wet midnight asphalt, and the crisp feel of mountain air as you swing through it. Along the way, Borges, Churchill, and others gave him an enthusiasm for history.

In an effort to give back, he has published short stories, a non-fiction book, various scientific articles, textbook chapters, and an on-going newspaper column.

One of his stories recently won first prize in a major regional writing contest.

Some of his works include:

"Sarampion" - as an epidemic stalks the children in rural Central America, a small town doctor finds he cannot depend upon the Ministry of Health for help, so he resorts to his ancestral roots and mystical powers.

"Sword of Water" - a soldier of ancient Sparta discovers that his bride has been schooled in the new discipline of Philosophy. The conflict between his dedication to societal tradition and her enthusiasm for individual freedom of thought grows to a dramatic confrontation.

"The Tower" - behind the legends of the Tower of Babel and The Flood were real human beings, including a man driven by passion and faith to build a forbidden place of worship.

A Greater Pox - an historical novel of military adventure, romance, and terror set in Europe during the two years following Columbus' return from his epic voyage. A young girl attaches herself the the French Army to follow her lover, and along the way encounters Leonardo da Vinci, the Borgia pope, a new disease, the Spanish Inquisition, and the hallucinogenic qualities of love.

untitled - one of the more infamous heresy hunters of the early Christian era dedicated his entire life to exterminating a single Christian sect. What could have engendered such a deeply passionate hatred?

To contact the author e-mail him at cbmosher@hotmail.com.

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Writer's Block
Takes some time to learn things about your wife. Think you know her fine and then one day you step on her dead grandfather.  Date: 12/1/00

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