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Tony Soltis

I wish cappuccino baristas would become more professional. It's hard to find a consistently well-made cappuccino that doesn't taste like five pounds of milk with foam on top.

It would be so great if I got to say things like, "For the fall, we're going to Istanbul to finish my novel. But after coming home for Christmas, we're spending winter in Jamaica, where I'm starting work on my play."

I truly desire for people to be more present. To spend more moments being aware. I think this would move the human race forward in terms of evolution, plus make earth a way greater place to spend a century.

I would like to sell my own TV show. Work on it for two or three years. Then let someone else take over while I go on to write less-financial rewarding stuff.

I want Stacie Foster to know I will love her every day until I die. And if it turns out to be possible, even after that.

You can contact Tony at facebone9@earthlink.net.

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When syntax gets in the way of intimacy. Tony figures out why he couldn't deal with bad grammar.  Date: 11/1/00

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