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Krissy Smith

A few words about myself? I'm inspired by experience. Travel feeds my soul. The thing I can't live without? Coffee. As for relationships, right now I'm happily infatuated. About to embark on a trip to Europe with him for two months. A perfect night out? In-line skating. Dinner. Drinks on a patio. I appreciate witty humour. Intelligence turns me on. My mantra: anything is achievable, just don't be afraid to try. I recently graduated with a degree in communications. Why do I write? It helps me think, it frees my mind.

You can contact me at: smithkrissy@hotmail.com.

Krissy Smith's writing on Conversely

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The Unwritten Rule  Short'n'quick
Thou shalt not be friends with your ex. So simple, yet so hard to do.  Date: 10/1/00

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