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My name is Andrew Gallix. As my name indicates, I'm half French, half English. People usually find it difficult to determine which half is which, though. This makes them suspicious. In England, they think I'm English. In France, they think I'm French. (I dread to think what they think in Lapland.) When they learn I'm this half-half, walking oxymoron, they say: "E's neither fish nor fowl is Andy, neither ere nor there, is e?" It's not all bad, though. As Terence Blacker puts it: "No novelist is truly at home anywhere, even at home (especially at home)" (Kill Your Darlings, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2000). Especially novelists who have not a novel to their (oxymoronic) name.

Andrew GallixI was born in April, the cruellest month, and brought up in London where I was caned at school (when I found my way there through the fog) on a regular basis, then I was bundled off to France where I was force-fed snails and frog's legs which stunted my growth.

I now live in a garret with my girlfriend, Aleksandra, on the Left Bank. I teach at the Sorbonne University. I have published many articles on contemporary British playwrights (Joe Orton in particular) and novelists. I am also something of an authority on the works of Serbian underground genius, Danilo Kupus, who once told me that writing would be my salvation. Who am I to argue? What's in a name, anyway?

I'd love to have a little chinwag about "Fanny Adams" or anything you care to mention: agallix001@cybercable.fr.

Andrew Gallix's writing on Conversely

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Imperfect Strangers  From th U.K.
Adam thinks all relationships are doomed. So he goes looking for the ideal woman, just to break-up with her.  Date: 9/1/00

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