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Lee Caglioti

I play a wicked game of Scrabble and I have only one tattoo. I've read tarot cards since I was thirteen and in my former professional life I was an executive chef, a book store manager, an account rep for an industrial electronics firm and at one point I worked in a toy kiosk and spent several hours each day with my hand in a monkey puppet trying to attract a crowd. Since being delivered from the mundane, I freelance when I can. Lee CagliotiI've had two featured articles in WWWiz Magazine and a few locally published pieces. Primarily, I act as marketing director for my fiancÚ's woodworking business. It's a far and blessed cry from puppeteering.

I drive a truck because I like to see beyond everyone else on the road. I thrive under pressure and I feel that stores that use an extra 'pe' on the end of the word 'shop' should be fined until the offending letters are removed. I smoke far too much, I drink occasionally and I rarely eat right. I am usually awake when I shouldn't be.

I am of Albanian and Italian descent, my two older brothers are bikers and I'm the only one in my family who likes flan. I listen to Willie Dixon and Nina Simone, I watch Fox News constantly and I'll read everything from shampoo bottles to "Isis Unveiled." Lately, I hear myself being called "ma'am" at the store and it irritates the hell out of me. My future step-kids think I'm cool though, so that makes it all right. Lee Caglioti can be reached at MissLee@iline.com.

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Morning-After Behavior
Waking up after a one-night-stand made simple - easy-to-follow Dos and Don'ts.  Date: 7/1/00

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