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Paula Kirman

I knew I had to be a writer when it seemed that not a day would go by without me knocking out a poem, essay, or song. With guitar and pen in hand (I have learned to be very coordinated and ambidextrous), I sit and ponder love, the world, God, ourselves - it's a form of therapy, but much less expensive.

Paula KirmanMusic, books, life - these are the focus of my writing. My book reviews and author interviews have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, and literary journals all across Canada. As well, I am active on the Internet both as a means of communication and art. Since 1997, I have operated Calypso Communications & Consulting, to market my writing, editing, website design, and photography. Some of my more well-known Web creations include Women Writers at About, Inside World Music (where I indulge my passion for ethnic sounds and international singer/songwriters), and Inside Edmonton (dedicated to my home city). I also am the Host of Judaism at BellaOnline.com and I pull all of my writing, musical, and Internet projects together at my personal website: MyNameIsPaula.com.

I have two philosophies when it comes to relationships:

1) Singleness is not something to be afraid of. Rather, it is an adventure of self-discovery.

2) Friendship is the foundation for everything else between two people. If you are not friends first, it will never progress to anything else.

Of course, all the standard requirements like honesty, integrity, openness, and a good sense of humor apply as well.

I can be contacted at this address.

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Single Jewish Female
Dating within the faith - Trying to decide between sharing your life with someone of the same religion, and sharing your life - period.  Date: 7/1/00

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