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Jim Nichols

My name is Jim Nichols and I live on the coast of Maine with wife Anne, sons Aaron and Andrew and Sam, the Springer Spaniel. From my front door I can throw a rock into the St. George River, but then I have a pretty good arm. I have been married for 22 years, which qualifies me to appear in a publication having to do with relationships, wouldn't you say? Or maybe it qualifies my wife for putting up with me.

My fiction has appeared in over a dozen magazines, including Esquire, River City, paris transcontinental, Portland Monthly and Karamu, and has won several prizes, including 2nd in the '93 River City Writing Awards for Fiction (judged by Carolyn See) and 5th in the '98 American Fiction anthology competition (judged by Joyce Carol Oates.) You can check out the anthology from a link at my web page.

Most recently I was awarded third prize in the spring Ashes competition, an ongoing UK event that results in an anthology each year. The jury is still out as to whether it will make the anthology. I hope it does, so that I can claim publication in three countries. This story in Conversely is my second electronic publication. The first can still be seen at www.andysdoghouse.com.

You can contact Jim Nichols at jimnicol@mint.net

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New temptations to stray from commitment are inevitable - the trick is to resist them.  Date: 5/1/00

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