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India Johnston

Irecently realized that all my favorite stories, books, poems, songs and movies are about unrequited love and longing. Then I realized that most of what I write concerns that same territory.

To sum up my real-life love-life: there was one I never loved but accidentally married, one whose eyes haunted me for eight long years like a hologram in my brain, and a lot of maybes. Now I'm looking for The One. Meanwhile, I go to the movies alone, borrow dogs to take hiking, fly all over the country visiting my friends, and read and read and read.

My current favorites...

  • Song: "Shelter From The storm" by Bob Dylan,

  • City: Savannah, Georgia

  • Story: "Paper Lantern" by Stuart Dybeck

Contact India Johnston at indiaj@poetic.com

India Johnston's writing on Conversely

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How to Sleep With Your Friends
- It Would Be Wrong, but she also realizes It Is Inevitable.  Date: 5/1/00

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