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Jenna Glatzer

I have very small feet. I'm not really sure how I manage to stand upright, but I am thankful that the rest of me is small, too.

I'm a former actress and current full-time freelance writer and screenwriter. In addition, I run a huge website for writers: Absolute Write. I'm also the Public Relations Director for an upcoming comedy/horror film in the Scottish Highlands. You can read all about it at the CURSE OF THE BOG WOMEN website.

Jenna Glatzer I have a strong fondness for Sour Cream and Onion Pringles and anyone who can make me laugh. I am a very patient driver and don't understand the concept of road rage.

My favorite thing to do in the world: singing original tunes in fantastic harmonies with Sir Anthony, who, thankfully, plays guitar much better than I do. That doesn't really say much, as I'm the worst guitarist ever to inhabit the planet. But I have heart.

I can't write in blue pen. It's like a mental block. For my writing to flow, it must be facilitated by a black or purple rollerball Sharpie pen. And, yes, if you're a Sharpie exec, I'm up for an endorsement deal. In fact, I'll work for big crates of pens.

I like the word "succulence" best of all, followed by "bellybutton," "banana," "sacked," "pizzazz," "vivacious," "iridescence," "hornswaggled," and "bamboozled," not necessarily in that order.

Jenna Glatzer I have three cats (Kira, Kit Kat, and Elmo) and two beta fish (Fifi FooFoo and Mumford). I really wanted a snake until I found out that you have to feed them live mice. I also have a collection of pewter faerie statues and a birthmark in the shape of an upside-down heart on my elbow.

Recently, I've been trying to acquire a taste for V-8 Juice with minimal success. It's the least I can do, really, since I despise anything remotely connected to words like "low fat," "healthy," or-the very worst-"aerobic." (Billy Blank=the Antichrist.) I am a big fan, however, of mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese, and chocolate donuts. (Not together.)

And now for the obligatory credits:

I have written for hundreds of national, regional, and online publications, recently including: 201 Magazine, The Shadowart Gallery, Bliss! NY, Link Magazine, Video Librarian, College Bound Magazine, Summer, Wise and Wealthy, World Billfish Series, Kid'N Around, Alive, Adaptz.com, Screenwriters Utopia, Voter.com, The Wordsworth, Moxie, Go-Girl.com, Main Campus, Writers Weekly, Shesgotmale.com, American News Service, Solutions Factory, Boaters.com, Inscriptions, Writer Online, Mybytes.com, The Other Voice, Simply The Best, Accent On Living, From The Window, Screentalk.

I am a regular contributor to the following:

    College Bound Magazine : editorials and profiles
    Shesgotittogether.com : weekly romance/humor column
    Voter.com : disabilities and political features
    Screenwriters Utopia and Absolute Write : monthly columns about writing
    Simply The Best : monthly romance column

And that is all I have to say about that.

Contact Jenna Glatzer at jenna@absolutewrite.com

Jenna Glatzer's writing on Conversely

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Mirages of Flight
When sweet nothings come to just that. After the last straw, she revokes his get-out-of-jail-free card.  Date: 4/3/2000

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