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I'LL BEGIN by telling you three very important things about myself. Two truths and one lie.

  • I won a gold medal for swimming.

  • I was arrested and jailed for one evening.

  • I preached Catholicism to indigenous peasants in southern Mexico.

The rest can be summed up like this:

I used to live with two beautiful princesses and they called me Jandro. I didn't like the nickname at the time...but they have such overpowering control over me. They are my muses.


I don't read as much as I'd like to, and I certainly don't write as much as I should. I unsuccessfully attempt to stick to routines (e.g., "write 1,000 words every day"). In fact, the writing and I have been engaged in a game of seek and hide for some time. Writing follows me around, but whenever it appears to be catching up, I race ahead and dive into some less risky (if more profitable) and less satisfying occupation. Thus pass many days.

Divider Someone in the know once called me a "yuppie-bohemian." Ever since, I have anxiously preserved all the precious relics of my professional life while fashioning myself in the manner of the misunderstood artist. However, other than the now-extinct bout of longer hair, results were hard to discern.


My primary objective in life these days is to wake up and be excited about the day ahead. If I manage this (and I usually do), not a lot can go wrong.


My favorite meal is breakfast. Recently, I've acquired the irrepressible habit of late night pancake-fests at Mel's Diner. I love doing it. I feel like such a rebel when I do it. No, actually, I feel downright revolutionary. An insurgent. On the edge.

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Jandro's writing on Conversely

Listed from the most recent.

One breakup leads to another. Witness Jandro's brain perform masterful feats of logic-defying stupidity. Date: 08/1/02

Help Wanted. Jandro sucks it up and reads five self-help books. He rather wishes he hadn't. Date: 02/1/02

The last thing he wants to do is marry just because. He's looking for a good reason to get married - never mind he's not marrying anytime soon. Date: 04/1/01

Restraint Mechanism
Wishing something had held you back? If it's meant to be frivolous sex, why doesn't it feel that way?  Date: 02/1/01

Flirting is a game of possibilities. The winner, Jandro writes, makes the loser believe in a possibility that is not really there. Date: 10/1/00

Back When I Dated a Jealous Woman
The real bad awful truth about jealousy. Which is that it's a better thing than most people will ever own up to.  Date: 7/1/00

Perfect Sex
Tired of shallow sexual encounters? Sick of emotions interfering with passion? Jandro rescues the poor, misunderstood sex.  Date: 6/1/00

Ladies' Night
The unromantic proposal - 'How can it be quixotic if we negotiate it like a Wall Street merger?'  Date: 5/1/00

Being lovers or staying friends? This was the night when we'd have to choose.  Date: 5/1/00

Natural Disadvantage
Why nice can be all wrong. 'I often feel like womankind has a perverse craving for jerks...'  Date: 4/3/00

Comes Love
A song for every heart-condition - Classic tunes paint the scenes in this love-song tribute.  Date: 4/3/00

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