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Orange Lipstick
I can beat the shit out of him. Those were her words. By Keren Douek. Date: 10/1/05

The Lovely Margolia
Iím bleeding to death. You bleed less upside down, Curtis Maxwell says, giving the bullís-eye a half spin. By Robert Caporale. Date: 10/1/05

Excuses  From UK
Sometimes Ricky wants to evaporate. This morning, and a lot of mornings lately, he wakes up and something isnít right. By Sally Hilton. Date: 11/15/04

Cruel Love  From New Zealand
Mrs. Herrmans touched my hand. I made an excuse about meeting someone, then pulled on my jacket. By Tony O'Brien. Date: 11/15/04

Two Fish
I never tell you about my dreams. Well that says it all, doesn't it, said Norah. I mean, that about wraps it up. By Brendan McKennedy. Date: 03/1/04

Finding Albert Redwine
His kid sister had a thing for me. She was petite but sometimes I called her the featherweight champ. By Jon Boilard. Date: 12/1/03

Employee-Manager Relations
He calls me a sadist. And after, he always says it is the last time. By Aryn Kyle. Date: 09/1/03

Today I'll burn his picture. I'll move on, move on, move on. By Sarah Arellano. Date: 09/1/03

I won't hurt you, little bird. All I had to do was close my fingers into a fist and squeeze until I heard the bones crack. By Stephen Young. Date: 09/1/03

A Sudden Education
I was born with a mouse's tongue. And I've got the legs of a moose, the face of a walrus, the ears of an African hyena. By Mark Rigney. Date: 06/1/03

Small Kindness
This was how it would begin. Guttural compliments, rough, impatient kisses, then his hand, unstoppable, uncaring. By Elizabeth Real. Date: 06/1/03

He appeared at my door, unannounced. Our mouths together tasted like the surface of a bar. By Sarah Arellano. Date: 03/1/03

Heat Lightning
Frog hunting on the lake. I'd never been on a date before, nor had I been so intimate with frogs. By Hiyaguha Cohen. Date: 03/1/03

Record Shop Girl
I play for what I have lost, led along by the sheer weight of memory, for this sister who inhabits my dreams. By Kirk Nesset. Date: 03/1/03

Vermilion Bay
Wrong time, right place. Louis forgets about the catfish when red-haired Margie makes a surprise landing. By O'Neil De Noux. Date: 11/1/02

My Left Shoe
What would you do for love? The missing shoe, the ugly roommate, the stroke of midnight. By Mark Budman. Date: 11/1/02

Border Pieces
Do you understand now, like I do? I loved this girl, my Theresa, who never felt that of me, who wanted to die so. By Josh Capps. Date: 08/1/02

The Dentist in Zaire
Heartsick in deep darkest Africa, I sat waiting for the cows to come home, for the world to stop spinning, so I could get the hell off. By Bob Thurber. Date: 08/1/02

This and That
I deserted her at a filling station. I sat for a few minutes gnawing the sides of my tongue, then pulled away fast. By Brendan McKennedy. Date: 05/1/02

What Needs to Be Done
It would never be enough - even if she pretended love , even if her husband never found out. By Rusty Barnes. Date: 03/1/02

Stomach  From Canada
Cynthia left him for a movie star. He'd vowed never to refuse her, but how much bounce did he have left in him? By Ramona Barckert. Date: 02/1/02

We lay together, not touching. And all I could do was think bad things about myself. By Steve McNeill. Date: 12/1/01

Notes on a Tuesday Date
Nonchalance links my two lives. And we still think we make even God hold his breath. By Patti See. Date: 12/1/01

Distilled Spirits
You look and you look. You wonder what you're looking for, then you realize you ain't going to find it. By Jerry Mansfield. Date: 11/1/01

Night Lights  Short'n'quick
Fancy, chic, high-tech compatibility. Some people will try anything to find their perfect match. By Robert Pesa. Date: 09/1/01

After the Wink
After forty, cheating is about visibility. To be seen for who you are and not for the person everyone thinks you are. By Carolyn Steele Agosta. Date: 07/1/01

Faith, Love, Hope
Love's on a downward trend. But I know how to kiss a market, how to snuggle it and exploit it and... By Tod Goldberg.  Date: 07/1/01

I should have seen this coming. You don't realize when you're teasing him that later it might come back and bite you. By Carol Church. Date: 06/1/01

I like Ben - who loves Catherine who loves Robert - but nobody loves me. By Ruth Baxter.  Date: 05/1/01

How did he make her want him so much? A freak accident turns into a sexy game of guess-my-name. By Karen Hertzberg.  Date: 04/1/01

Cold & Hot
She's too insecure to tell him what she really wants - and too neurotic to understand she already has it. By Gretchen VanEsselstyn.  Date: 03/1/01

Angela spiced his omelet with the pink bits of his toe. But Joseph didn't notice, he simply ate it up and smiled. By Stephany Aulenback.  Date: 02/1/01

Writer's Block
Takes some time to learn things about your wife. Think you know her fine and then one day you step on her dead grandfather. By C.B. Mosher.  Date: 12/1/00

She knows he's going to call. She knows what he'll say. She just doesn't know if she can turn him away. By Karstin Painter.  Date: 12/1/00

In Real Life
Years later, she still wishes what might have been. Ruth Baxter's story about a not-entirely unrequited love.  Date: 11/1/00

Imperfect Stranger   From th U.K.
Adam thinks all relationships are doomed. So he goes looking for the ideal woman, just to break up with her. By Andrew Gallix.  Date: 09/1/00

Working It Out
The things you need to change, you must figure out yourself. Was Sam ready to save his marriage? By P.J. Lambrecht.  Date: 06/1/00

New temptations to stray from commitment are inevitable - the trick is to resist them. By Jim Nichols.  Date: 05/1/00

Stop the River
To hold off, for a moment, a fated choice between reason and love. By Amanda Nowlin.  Date: 04/3/00


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