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Personals are relationship memoirs—true stories, at least from the point of view of the writer. All our memoirs are listed below, by date. If you are looking for a particular subject, try searching our archives.

I’d Like to Have a Lover Like Yours
Sometimes Brett would cry, which made me angry. I wanted his ripped stomach to stand for something beyond the push-ups he did. By Marie Lyn Bernard. Date: 10/1/05

The Long Distance Plan
The true meaning of the word “cold”. Gary Cozine on the hopelessness of hoping to sustain love through words alone. Date: 03/1/04

Missouri Highway
If I miss this, I'm blaming you. Gieson Cacho's midnight drive with K., when they chased the northern lights. Date: 12/1/03

Good Lovin'
Grainy sand and sticky lemonade, shuffleboard, hotdogs and French fries, the lifeguard—and his quiet kid brother. By Susan Hodara. Date: 09/1/03

Run with the Dark
A lover who will not be led astray. Ms. Jane Underwood regrets she's unable to lunch today. Date: 06/1/03

Oedipus Wrecked
My mother had a bad heart… Kevin Keck on a love gone awry. Date: 03/1/03

Cowboy Lips
He was surely not from Manhattan. But cowboys, Nanette Rayman finds out, are just men after all. Date: 11/1/02

One breakup leads to another. Witness Jandro's brain perform masterful feats of logic-defying stupidity. Date: 08/1/02

Thirty Years On
Now his lips are sealed. Three decades later, Roberta Gale recalls what it feels like to not have taken a chance. Date: 08/1/02

Julie's Christmas Sweater  From Canada
Blue and big and rough all over. Nate Hendley devises a brilliant excuse to avoid wearing his girlfriend's worst gift ever. Date: 05/1/02

Two can be better than one. Only occasionally do I complain about the complications, writes Cristy , this division of my affection. Date: 03/1/02

Losing Momentum
The definition of dating, Lori Writer discovers, broadens with age. Date: 12/1/01

Push pull. Call wait call. She tries harder to meet men, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. By Diana J. Wynne.  Date: 10/1/01

Remzi's Curse
Iloveyousomuch!! On an expedition through Turkey, April Thompson becomes the object of Remzi's infatuation.  Date: 10/1/01

From the Void
Planes, trains, and traces of love. Michael Standaert's collective autopsy of his long distance relationships.  Date: 09/1/01

Minor Trouble in Mexico
When I was his age, he was six. And when I was six, writes Julie Doherty, he didn't exist.  Date: 09/1/01

Sanskrit Sandwich
Touch me like only Shiva can! OK, Brian Wallace may not be the world's expert on cross-border dating - but the man is trying.  Date: 07/16/01

The Obsession of Desire  From th U.K.
Her indecision turned him into a sucker. But she's as confused about her reluctance as Victor Borg is about his obsession.  Date: 07/1/01

Beginner's Lesson
Learning to ski with her expert boyfriend, Karin Beuerlein gets wedged between the dynamics of attraction and compassion.  Date: 06/1/01

Nearly Perfect Husband
I cheated on my wife two-and-a-half years ago. I've never forgiven myself. I also never told her. By Stephen Nevedomsky. Date: 06/1/01

Coming of Age
Losing control over a man she hasn't seen in twenty years, Malerie Yolen-Cohen feels like a forty-three-year-old woman in heat.  Date: 04/1/01

Sex and the Single Man  From th U.K.
He may seem desperate... But really, it's a bit more complicated than that. By Victor Borg.  Date: 03/1/01

Wake up and smell the coffee! Tammy Harris was very good at taking care of him, but who was taking care of her?  Date: 12/1/00

Femininity and Rocket Science
What kind of guys does a butch girl date? Anne Johnson recounts her love life as she went from hairy legs to makeup and dresses.  Date: 11/1/00

The tides of a marriage. Inexorably we are drawn together, and inexorably drawn apart. By Naomi Johnson.  Date: 11/1/00

Flirting is a game of possibilities. The winner, Jandro writes, makes the loser believe in a possibility that is not really there.  Date: 10/1/00

The Blue-Footed Booby Bird
Jan Henrikson's story about her ex-husband, and her new tattoo... And about how she's always been either in a relationship, or desperate to be in one.  Date: 09/1/00

Being lovers or staying friends? This was the night, writes Jandro, when we'd have to choose.  Date: 05/1/00

Love God
Is there salvation in sex? And if so - who's saving who? by Vertigo.  Date: 04/3/00

Mirages of Flight
When sweet nothings come to just that. After the last straw, Jenna Glatzer revokes his 'get out of jail free' card.  Date: 04/3/00


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