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Diane Leon


Abstraction gives me a sense of freedom. The art I create is painterly and influenced by a sense of place. I grew up on New York City. I lived in an old tenement building which overlooked the Third Avenue El Train. The textures of the deteriorated tenement walls became infused in my work. In 1970 Spain became my passion. The vast openness of the sky, sea, light had a profound affect upon me. The paintings reflect more than three decades of internalizing the Mediterranean culture.

My work begins in a chaotic manner. There is no preconceived idea. As I work, color and form create a feeling. From that point the painting takes on a life of its own. The work is completed after I exhaust a series of revisions. Since I hold a full time day job my life my favorite time to create is a night.

Formal art training began with four years at The Art Students League with anatomy, drawing and painting. Other New York schools gave me a solid foundation, plus painting in the Pyrenees was a unique experience.

In addition to my full time day job, I teach studio art at New York University, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, adult undergraduate liberal arts degree department.

Additional work can be seen at

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