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Nicole Elias


Nicole is the daughter of a painter and the granddaughter of a painter. Her fantasy artworks the distillation of a family tradition of over seventy years. Nicole is of the new school of proudly self-trained female painters and prefers to develop her vision outside the influences of western academe. Her grandmother, Vera Wood, had the wisdom to teach Nicole by saying, "Just begin." So at age 10, Elias began to experiment and discover her personal style with confidence.

Fantasy figures emerge from peaceful eddies within the chaos of swirling primary colors, that are the painterly abstracts of Nicole Elias. Reflecting an upbringing in the wilds of Topanga Canyon, an artists' retreat surrounded by urban Los Angeles, California, Nicole's oil paintings are influenced by her memories and by her dreams. Her memories of living in a magical canyon in the Santa Monica mountains where her most important relationship with nature developed.

Like a rock climber who knows she will ascend, she knows there is a hand hold, she just needs to reach for it; Nicole is inspired as she reaches for the brush and the paint, to discover her next exploration. "This process allows for the complete creative freedom that is joyous! By letting go of control, I set the painting free to develop its own voice; to share beautiful and mysterious visions, uncovering them as I brush away the canvas."

"When a person is drawn to a particular painting, they are relating to its meaningful tale. The intention being, that all paintings develop a meaningful dialogue with them over time. That this relationship will nurture their creative psyche, and inspire them to be creative as well. As many art lovers already know, to live with a painting is to have a continual, fulfilling dialogue with that work. A painting can softly change and evolve with you."

Currently, Nicole is working on several commissions and painting for her upcoming show at the Topanga Studio Tour on June 14th & 15th of 2003.

For more information on prints, commissions, and art cards please visit or contact Nicole Elias Art at 323/578-5083.

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