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Corporate and private collectors throughout the United States own my paintings.

Over the years, my style of painting has progressed from very realistic to semi-abstract. I had always been taught that you must stay with my chosen medium, but something happened that made me change my mind. A couple of years ago I was in a painter's slump and decided to attend an experimental art workshop. What a blast, by the end of the week a whole new thought process had opened up to me. Talk about "going outside the lines" this was way off the page! Now each time I pick up a paintbrush my thoughts rush ahead to the "what ifs". Trying new media and processes has kept my art fresh and new. One of my "experimental" paintings was juried into this year's International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA) show.

I grew up surrounded by nature in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania. At a very early age, I experienced an overwhelming need to capture the image of a deer. Only after I drew the deer did the "feeling" recede. I can still see the deer as if the incident happened yesterday. About the same time I became captivated by the paintings and sculptures in my Uncle's shop. When I become absorbed in creating, the same wondrous childhood feeling I call my "magic moment" takes over. Like Alice in Wonderland, I am propelled along the path, finding and capturing unexpected delights.

I am in constant pursuit of wild life! There is a fresh supply every day since we live in the country with deer, turkey, squirrel and rabbits. My companion Shay demands that we take long walk every day, chasing the wild life we have the good fortune to find. (He is a scent and sight Basenji hound). I live in Southern Maryland with a view of the Chesapeake Bay spreading out before me. The germ of many of my paintings is born during the long walks or paddles on the Bay. I incubate the germ of the painting in my mind for several days until an inner sense tells me it is ready. When I put the brush to the paper, the subconscious takes over, and I enter my "magic moment" state. I think the following quote by Kandinsky says it best: "That is beautiful which is produced by the inner need, which springs from the soul."


Southern Maryland This is Living, July 2000 issue

Sabine Magazine Spring 2000 issue

Home & Design Magazine, Oct.-Nov.1999 issue

Tulane Review Fall 1999 issue

International Registry of Artists and Artwork (IRRA)

Sabine Magazine

Just Originals Gallery

I also sculpt human subjects in terra cotta, make terra cotta relief tiles and paint murals on ceramic tiles.

I am addicted to unabridged audio books on tape, golf and tennis.

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