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Antidotes are personal opinion essays about female-male relationship subjects. All our essays are listed below, by date. If you are looking for a particular subject, try searching our archives.

Zipper, we feared, was living in a fake utopia. He had found contentment in a life without promise. By Jeremy Gill. Date: 10/1/05

More Than Half a Life
Seventy-one going on fifty. Lucille Bellucci on relearning the mysterious ways of dating—with a twist. Date: 11/15/04

Diamonds Are Forever
I want to blame De Beers, writes Annie Leyson, as she picks apart her incongruous attachment to her engagement ring. Date: 03/1/04

Best Before
Marriage with an expiration date? Far-fetched, perhaps, writes Carla Laszewski. But then again, who marries envisioning a future of stagnation and apathy? Date: 12/1/03

MWF: ISO Soul Mate
Looking for the one-and-only? Liz Scott puts in a couple of words about the preposterous idea of a soulmate. Date: 11/1/02

Help Wanted. Jandro sucks it up and reads five self-help books. He rather wishes he hadn't. Date: 02/1/02

The last thing he wants to do is marry just because. Jandro's looking for a good reason to get married - never mind he's not marrying anytime soon. Date: 04/1/01

Unwedded Bliss
Why ruin a great relationship by marrying? After twelve years with one woman, Sean Townsend still doesn't see the need for a wedding. Date: 04/1/01

But Do You Love Him?
The notion of romantic love can be pretty confusing - which is why T.L. Morris can't decide if she loves her husband. Date: 03/1/01

A Sick, Sick Thing
Love isn't heaven, or unerring light—it is a sickness. And not just one illness, writes Stephany Aulenback, but many. Date: 09/1/00

Single Jewish Female  From Canada
Dating within the faith - Paula Kirman tries to decide between sharing her life with a man of her own religion, and sharing her life - period. Date: 07/1/00

Under the Covers
Turning the page on men's and women's magazines - Are they helping your relationship, or just selling the dream? by Scott Kirkwood  Date: 06/7/00

Perfect Sex
Tired of shallow sexual encounters? Sick of emotions interfering with passion? Jandro rescues the poor, misunderstood sex.  Date: 06/1/00

Ladies' Night
The unromantic proposal - 'How can it be quixotic if we negotiate it like a Wall Street merger?' asks Jandro.  Date: 05/1/00

Flouncing   From th U.K.
The often-under-appreciated art of flouncing - From London, Andy Bullock offers the ladies indispensable advice.  Date: 04/3/00

Relationship Resignation
On the merits of being superficial: Jon Merz thinks there's more to physical appearance than mere vanity.  Date: 04/3/00

Natural Disadvantage
Why nice can be all wrong. 'I feel like womankind has a perverse craving for jerks,' whines Jandro.  Date: 04/3/00


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